Create datasets marketplace for large international Insurance consortium. Companies should have simple platform to upload, manage and sell data. Security is high priority since datasets are highly valuable.


Develop a system to help people keep fit and encourage them to participate in the healthy lifestyle activities, like running, cycling, walking, taking part in group excersises, etc. By participating they are rewarded by points and vouchers that can spend in cafes, shops and other institutions that are partners of the programm.


SwayPay - is an innovative system that makes checkout more secure and rewarding for both shoppers and merchants. Currently, the SwayPay is working tightly together with hotels to increase the income and to reduce the costs spent on the support of other payment options. Our solutions lie in API for payments & online stores orders creation API for mobile applications. Also a browser extension for doing purchases in almost any online store.JavaScript SDK for integration with SwayPay and merchants dashboard for onboarding & performance monitoring.


Setting itself apart in the competitive online travel space, Janbala is driven by the belief that shared experiences should lead to shared prosperity - that travel should generate a positive impact for both the traveller and the communities they visit.  Janbala is not your average travel website. Because millennials are not your average traveller. They prefer to create memory-making moments and discover unique experiences rather than taking the expected path, or an off-the-shelf package. The main tasks refer to creating a platform suitable for sharing experience and all kinds of multimedia content. UI/ UX solutions were crucial to making easygoing communication with visitors and travellers which are in seek of tips and information.