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Effective time management

Bay Innovations, a healthcare startup focused on hardware for anesthesiologists, partnered with GlobalLogic and its experience design firm, Method, to design and develop a head-mounted display (HMD) system called Vivi that would help anesthesiologists monitor patient vital signs in the operating room. Anesthesiology clinicians are responsible for keeping patients stable and safe during surgery, and the faster they respond to potential complications, the less impact there will be on the patient�s health. Bay Innovations� goal was to develop an HMD system that would help mitigate problems associated with poor lines-of-sight or obstructed views of the patient monitor�thereby allowing for more attention to be directed towards the patient and the surgical field. To be useful during surgery, an HMD system must display contextually dependent, highly nuanced patient data gathered from third-party equipment. Clinicians must be also be able to access this information hands-free and on-demand. During long periods of high workloads, the HMD hardware must be physically unobtrusive and operate for many hours in between charges. Cognitive ergonomics and physiological human factors are also crucial, as the headset poses various practical challenges specific to applying optical display hardware in a surgical environment. Furthermore, the route to market for medical electronics � especially devices that use radio � is long and costly. GlobalLogic and Method had to provide business, design, and engineering strategies that minimized the risks associated with developing and marketing Vivi.