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5 Benefits of outstaffing

Outstaffing is a relatively new type of remote hiring model that is adopted by IT business and other connected spheres of informational technologies. But despite its freshness outstaffing boosts its popularity in very short terms and becomes a new answer to the common question: what to do when the company is short-handed? The root cause of outstaffing ’s fame is a number of advantages this way provides. Here you can check 5 main benefits of outstaffing, (if you still hesitate): 1. Flexibility. You can be totally flexible with a team to scale up or scale down. It’s easy to increase and decrease the number of dedicated specialists you hire for your projects. It also means that you are more flexible in the working process and development. Moreover, we can speak about costs flexibility. Whereas using the outstaffing method you can always hire the specialist only for one project so you don't need to hire the developer full-time and lose money in case the project will end sooner or if there won't be a possibility to find another project for this developer right away. 2.Cost-saving. You can reduce costs for personnel. Business owners can hire skilful and reliable IT-specialists without the necessity to pay additional costs for taxes and insurances and it won't increase the expenses for the office rent, technical equipment, coffee etc. 3.Control. You can manage your employees directly in the more efficient way to identify professionals and guide their activities according to the demands of a particular project. There are a bunch of tools nowadays which could help you do that even from home. 4.High efficiency and productivity. You have an opportunity to hire the specialists with expert-level knowledge and skills. So company value can be increased by increasing the index of income per one staff employee of your company. 5. Fast time to market. As you’re having time on the company’s processes you are getting faster product launches due to increased focus and accessibility of technology needed to bring products to market. However, you have at least 5 reasons for contact DevRecords to find out more details about opportunities and business ideas.