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The cure for a post-vacation crush

What to do in a situation when 'let's talk after the holidays" period is over but you are still in a festive mode.

The answer is the only one: 

Stop celebrating and start succeeding!

And here you may think: "easy to say but hard to do", but the truth is that successful people never allow themselves to be over-celebrating. 

In DevRecords, we have own receipts of how to keep a perfect shape after vacations. These tricks are crucial when we speaking about national holiday traditions in Ukraine and the fact that Ukrainians are great celebration lovers.

Firstly, we don't jump into work immediately. We focus on giving mind time to adjust. 

Secondly, we start with easy tasks to gain a tempo.

Our next step is our biggest benefit: we are the crew of friends. So we are happy to meet after a long period of holidays and eager to share our emotions and stories with each other. These conversations make returning to business milder and funny. So here you go a piece of advice: interact with your co-workers!

Another tip is - more breaks and activities! 

We say no to overtime. Remember the harder you work on the first day the faster you burn out.

And the main point is: be kind to your mind unless you need vacations after vacations!