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Hello World!

This is Devrecords digital consultancy

Let us introduce ourselves. We are a passionate team consists of 20 employees and yes, we consider our company as a successful player in a field of IT business in Lviv and Ukraine.

We have overcome all stereotypes about a special status of big IT corporations and their dominations over smaller and much smaller companies.

Because we don't need to compete in size, only in a quality. We do it everytime we face the new challenge. If you ask us how my answer be quite simple:

  • Firstly, we are coordinated.
  • Secondly, we are oriented.
  • Thirdly, we are proactive.

But the salt of Devrecords is the fact that we are not a software factory and that means we don't need a hundred employees to find a solution and we don't provide standard templates.

We believe in your crazy vision and ideas and make them true for you. The only thing we expect from our customer is to choose the niche, not mass-market.